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Interview Questions: For Hiring Your First Nanny

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'Before any great things are accomplished, a memorable change must be made in the system of education…to raise the lower ranks of society nearer to the higher.' - John Adams
It can be tricky when interviewing someone for a position without knowing where to start? What questions to ask? Which areas should be of priority to you and your family but if it is your first attempt at hiring a nanny - the following questions here may be a good head start for you.

As you ask each of the questions, remember you have never met the candidate so let her talk while you listen to her carefully. By so doing, you can really form a good opinion of who she is.

What You Must Aim At Establishing

Do you like her personality? Command of the English Language? Her possible friendliness towards children? Here, it goes: The first and one of the most important questions should be this:

Focus on the Nanny
1.) What do you think a nanny must do first thing in the morning?
2.) Why did you choose to become a nanny?
3.) What qualities do you think are important in a nanny?
4.) Does any of your friends or relatives know you are working as a nanny?
5.) How can you help in my child's development?

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6.) How often must you clean my children's room?
7.) Have you taken care of children in their own home?
8.) During the hours my children are in school, what will be your responsibility until their return?
9.) How do you see a nanny’s role changing as the children get older?
10.) What do you want from me as a potential employer? Or what are you looking for in an employer?

11.) How will you communicate to me while working and you come across a situation in my home that you may find difficult to talk to me about?
12.) How have you responded when a former boss made corrections when your service was not satisfactory?
13.) Can you tell me about a difficult situation that came up in your previous jobs and how you and your previous employer worked things out?
14.) How would you feel if I observed an unpleasant situation with my children and I wanted it handled a certain way? I mean I wanted things done in a way you consider my own way. How will you handle that?
15.) As situations may be, are you comfortable with staying up late at night with children until they go to bed?

16.) DAY NANNY ONLY: Are you willing to stay with the children till we (the parents) return from work?
17.) What will you consider your responsibilities when traveling with us and the children out of town?
18.) What are the regular meals a child can take to school daily?

19.) Will any belief or religious activities, affect your work with us? Please give details if your answer is "YES".
20.) Do you think it is appropriate for a nanny to sleep during her hours of work while my child sleep or make personal phone calls during work?
21.) What’s your understanding of or what does CONFIDENTIALITY mean to you?

With these questions, prospective nannies can’t beat you in the game of trying to know them in the interview room.

You may contact one of our consultants today by telephone or send us an email regarding your vacancies.

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