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Interview Questions: For Hiring Your Executive Chef

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'An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends.' - Benjamin Franklin
Hiring an executive chef for the first time can be a daunting task. It’s some what different from the regular people you interview every day from accounting, engineering, architecture to persons who occupy clerical positions.

Here, we suggest a few questions that can help give you a head start in your recruiting endeavours especially if it is your first time. You may ask the following questions as a basis or modify to suit your peculiar situation. Either way, it gives you that good start:

1. How and where did you train to become a Chef?
2. What did you consider most challenging during your training?
3. How many employees reported to you? How many of those are professional chefs?
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4. Who did you report to?
5. What was your previous establishment’s annual revenue range?

6. What is your preferred food and why?
7. What is your favorite dish to cook? Explain why?
8. Why did you choose becoming a Chef and not something else?
9. Which book(s) have you read in the last one month?
10. What do you do to check the quality of food you serve customers?

11. Have you successfully trained and mentored anyone desiring to be like you in the past one year? When did they start with you? How long did they spend with you and where are they now?
12. What do you check in any ingredients before you use them for cooking?
13. What can you say is your accomplishment as a Chef to date?

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