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We are dedicated to assisting employers with their prospective nanny search for jobs in Lagos or Abuja. Teachers Village can assist with either part-time, full-time, temporary or permanent job placements of nannies in Schools, private home for kids and many more. We provide a database of Nannies.

Nanny & Granny Nanny
Hiring a Nanny or Granny Nanny for your children. While preparing to hire a nanny, begin the interviews with a prepared list of questions. Schedule an interview date with your prospective nanny. As she arrives on the interview day. Now is the time to make use the list of tailored questions for a personal interview of your prospective nanny candidates.

A live-in nanny is ideal in most homes; however many families are successful with their early candidates interview. When you conduct your interviews, be sure to ask open-ended questions designed to elicit more than a simple "yes" or "no" response. Ask the question and let the candidate talk; while you listen carefully.

We strongly advise you to invite the successful candidate for a second face-to-face interview if there are any gray areas after the first interview. When you are convinced that the candidate is qualified for the position, engage a Professional agency to do a background check on the prospective nanny. If there are any gray areas in the nanny's employment paper-work, the agency will help in making it right.

Reference Checking Services When Hiring a Nanny

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Background Check/Employment:

We recommend a pre-employment background check on the prospective nanny for jobs in Lagos or Abuja. If her check results are good alongside her medical report of fitness, then you can fix an employment starting date. If you are hiring from another source, Teachers Village can assist with background checks that compliments your recruitment efforts.

Finally, after you are through with the processes. The nanny arrives on the employment commencement date, your next responsibility is to orientate her to your home, family or organization, schedule and any other.

Make sure she has your office and cell phone numbers, as well as any necessary written authorization to pick up your children from school or obtain medical care for them at your hospital when you are not nearby.

Hiring a nanny can be stress-free. You can contact one of our consultants today by telephone or send us an email.

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