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How Do I Find A Job Within 7 Days?

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Job vacancies exist in most neighbourhoods across Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, from hospitality, manufacturing to a thriving number of other sole proprietorship outfits, just to mention a few. A good number of people living in these communities would rather travel long distances in search of jobs in prime areas of the cities. Any way there are signals to look out for in order not to be a victim of this ignorance. Investors are constantly seeking for where to invest for industrial developments. They need large portions of land to achieve their goals.

A place where they can find continuous supply of labour at competitive rates that will guarantee their success in say manufacturing. Such communities can’t be found at city centres which are already experiencing congestion in terms of existing residential and commercial developments. Communities in the outskirts of the city are ideal to look at. Like in Lagos one can consider neighbourhoods such as Ikorodu, Agbara and also Sango Otta where many manufacturing establishments have found conducive for business in the past couple of years. Nearly all cadres of jobs are sure to spring up in these neighbourhoods.

Finding a job that is right for you may be a good bet to start with these locations. Moving out of the city is a reason for indecision among many job seekers. But you can consider the following options to ease your job search so you can land on your next dream job in record time and not run out of money in your savings. No one has monopoly over the job market so you may consider a wide variety of options as you plan your job search strategy such as:

1.) Former Colleagues, Friends & Families: One thing you must appreciate when searching for a job is that majority of job openings in most organizations are never made public. Yet the vacant positions get filled in reasonable time. How does that happen? The people in such organizations know when a manager resigns, gets fired, retrenched or approaches retirement.

So? They have the first privilege to this information within the organization. Some employees may even collect CVs from people they know and forward them to the recruiting officers or decision makers. They know these people because they are within the system. They can tell anyone what is breaking news when it comes to job vacancies with great degree of certainty. Explore any link you have with past colleagues, friends and families in your new job search, they can be of tremendous help to you.

2.) Religious Leaders: Many kind-hearted worshippers in your place of worship often from time to time seek to help persons in search of jobs by making it public through the leaders and this gesture often benefit job seekers present when any one seeks to find trusted candidates to fill vacant positions in their places of work. So, you can as well explore this option in your new job search and land on your dream job as soon as possible.

3.) Tuesdays’ Guardian Jobs (Newspapers): You can consider picking up any job vacancies newspapers where advertisers use as a medium to fill available vacant positions. Occasionally, this may happen where management chooses to fill a position without necessarily making it public within. Also, where they consider bringing in a prospective staff with set qualifications and experience. Such that may not already exist within the corporate hierarchy. Newspapers make daily publications which often have wide coverage across cities and most have nationwide coverage. You may consider this option in finding a dream job in your new job search.

4.) Company websites: You may need to consider visiting target companies’ websites so you will know if there are vacancies existing within your target regions. Most companies are increasingly exploiting their web presence to recruit workers for their upcoming jobs. You may consider this option in finding a dream job in your new job search.

5.) Use Search Engines: The search engines have gained prominence in more than a decade now in helping young people search for new job vacancies. You can easily land on the next company hiring by using search engines. This will be cost effective for you and timely enough if this option turns up the right or expected job vacancy results for you. You may consider this option in finding a dream job in your new job search.

6.) Find Reputable Job Websites: Do you know any websites that are reputable in finding people jobs from your target regions? Ask for referals from people you know. You need to search out these websites and forward your job applications to them and also ask them what the job search procedures are with them so you can ensure you follow it to guarantee higher chances of finding a job through them.

7.) Old Boys Association & Classmates: These are a pool of people you spent considerable part of your growing up days with while in school. You can call them by telephone one after another to know how they are doing and hopefully they are working already. Tell them you are currently searching for a job so they can feel free to notify you if there are any vacancies they know about in the near future. I assume they know your strength and abilities. They will be useful to you as well to help you out. You may consider this option in finding a dream job in your new job search.

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8.) Develop a network: Consider developing a network of people you know who may not fall into any of the categories above and inform them of your current job search so each of these people can be part of your strategy and your eyes each time they go to work daily. There are places you can never get to in the next 10years, but with the right network of people and strategy you are sure to know when a matching vacancy comes up and who are the decision makers in such companies.

9.) Employment Agencies: Employment agencies are primary point of call with many employers as they can almost or immediately have available candidates for the vacant positions. It’s like a supermarket, providing wide variety of products for shoppers who come in to buy specific items of their choice.

But note here that if you are searching jobs that are specialty in nature consider finding employment agencies that specialize in that area. Donot go to cleaning service employment agencies to find an Electrical or Auto mechanic maintenance jobs, you may be disappointed in the end.

There are a good number of employment agencies you can consider around your city but we at Teachers Village will give you the best in Catering, Nannies and a few other related kind of job vacancies. Its up to you to draw up your strategy today, we are here to help. Feel free to check out what we do here and our Customer Service Personnels will be more than happy to assist you.

You may consider this option in finding a dream job in your new job search.

"Job search like starting a business is just like a war fare, be tactful in your approach so you make success soon" - Samuel Ena.
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